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We have a team of 20 skilled laborers led by an experienced shift leader who is an expert landscape designer and speaks perfect English. Our shift leader will be able to discuss all the details of landscaping, fertilizers, plants, etc. with the client.

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Although we specialize in the planting of evergreen privacy screens, we can be contracted to perform many other landscaping, home maintenance, and even masonry services. Our team of craftsmen is extremely competent. Please call us today to find out what we can do for you.

“Cherry, plum, peach, and apricot,” which elucidates the unique diversity and beauty of all living entities. Cherry trees are cherry trees and plum trees are plum trees! Each individual is a precious and noble entity! Advance down the path of his unique mission, which is exclusively yours!

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When a Japanese bamboo seed is planted, it must be constantly watered and fertilized. During the first few months, nothing appreciable happens. In reality, nothing happens with the seed for the first 7 years, to such an extent that an inexperienced grower would be convinced that they had bought sterilized seeds.

However, during the seventh year, in a period of only 6 weeks, the bamboo plant grows more than 30 meters. Does it take only 6 weeks to grow? No, actually, it takes 7 years to grow and 6 weeks to develop. During the first years of apparent inactivity, this bamboo generates a complex root system that allows it to sustain the growth that will come later.

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